[Standards] XEP-296 problem?

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Wed Aug 15 15:45:14 UTC 2012


I was wonder what should I do in this situation:
user A and B are connected with resource r1. They that, so messages go 
from A/r1 to B/r1.

user B connects a second client with resource r2 with a higher priority.

Where should go next message of user A?

Someone pointed me to XEP-0296 which clearly answer the question: next 
message should go to bare JID.

So I started thinking how to implement this XEP, and came to a problem:

let's imagine that r2 is LOWER prio than r1. XEP-0296 says that we still 
need to go to "unlock state". This mean starting a new thread of course 
as we don't know which resource will get it. But if the begining of the 
conversation was crypted? or if we negociated the log options or 
anything in XEP-0155, then we need to restart the negociation?

Same thing if B just go away or na? so we cannot continue en encrypted 
conversation if we go away?

So dealing with several resouces is still very complexe, and I'm not sur 
to have the answer to my first question now.

Any idea on how I should implement that?


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