[Standards] File hosting XEP?

Simon Tennant simon at buddycloud.com
Thu Aug 16 15:17:32 UTC 2012

> Yes, sorry, you're right. I just meant that buddycloud invents it's own
> protocols instead of edit existent XEPs, write new, with an XMPP
> community participation. It's a valid approach but differs from mine.

Ok I'll bite.

buddycloud is built on pub-sub and federates using XMPP.

buddycloud designs social software to power millions of users using
open-source, open protocols and provides great reference implementations.

To do this we have two choices:

   1. deploy a XEP-0060 pub-sub server and hope that uses suddenly find it
   useful even through it was really designed for machine to machine
   communication. Now you have to force users to start using it. And they
   2. Or, look at what users really want, try and adapt standard so that
   developers can use existing design fundamentals and existing libraries and
   match these up with your users' real-world needs.

So, I agree - buddycloud isn't pure XEP-0060 and that's totally fine by me.
My mom cares about communicating, not XEP-0060 and there's a lot more "my
moms" out there than developers than developers sitting aroudn the spec
campfire. Developers care about being able to pick up a pub-sub library and
build. To me that's a win for both parties.

Following on from this (and we're getting closer to this point now) when
the protocol kinks have been worked out, we loop back and plough that
learning into a spec (we're tracking our pub-sub adaptions here:

tl;dr: writing a spec first without real users and a real product means
your spec will sit on a shelf gathering dust.



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