[Standards] review of XEP-0301 [event='new' VS event='reset']

Mark Rejhon markybox at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 03:06:59 UTC 2012

On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 11:05 PM, Mark Rejhon <markybox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another method is to eliminate event='reset' but that would eliminate

I actually meant "merge event='reset' with event='new'"  -- and
instead use a separate attribute to flag whether a new message is
being started.

> implementer ability to choose to highlight newly-started messages.
> (which is an optional behavior, anyway).  Though this could be
> introduced as another, separate, optional attribute (e.g. new="new" or
> new="true") that's only used when creating a new message.
> Example:
> 1. <rtt event='reset'>
> 2. <rtt event='reset' new='true'>
> Clients can choose to ignore the "new" attribute if they are not
> interested in distinguishing a new message from a resumption of
> real-time text (e.g. recipient signing on after the sender has already
> started typing).   As we already know, it's allowed to receive a reset
> without ever receiving a new.

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