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Edward Tie famtie at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 22 22:35:11 UTC 2012

Op 23/08/2012 00:32, Gunnar Hellström schreef:
> On 2012-08-23 00:05, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> I do not see TTY as an acronym anymore.
>> It is like BT that was read out British Telecom before, but is now just BT.
>> Or AT&T was read out American Telephone and Telegraph, but is now just AT&T
>> Wiktionary has solved it by putting (originally) after Teletypewriter.http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/TTY
>> Following that pattern it can be:
>> TTY (Teletypewriter (originally)) and other text telephones
>> Gunnar
>> What would help most to alleviate this discussion further is to include an authoritative citation.
>> - - m&m
>> Matthew A. Miller
>> <http://goo.gl/LK55L>
> /The US Access Board has the following definition in its latest 
> proposal for Accessible procurement, Section 508. E.103.4
> /http://www.access-board.gov/sec508/refresh/draft-rule.htm
> /
> TTY./  Equipment that enables interactive text based communications 
> through the transmission of frequency-shift-keying audio tones across 
> the public switched telephone network.  TTY includes devices for real 
> time text communications and voice and text intermixed 
> communications.  Examples of intermixed communications are voice carry 
> over and hearing carry over.  One example of a TTY is a computer with 
> TTY emulating software and modem.
> It is a bit special that we have a North American and an international 
> term.
> It looks strange to devote so much space and effort to get the US term 
> properly explained. Shall we just delete TTY, and only say Text 
> telephone ?
> Gunnar.
TTY will be replaced to realtime-text phones or RTT-machines

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