[Standards] Removal of company names from XEP-0301

Mark Rejhon markybox at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 17:40:01 UTC 2012


Discussions are being made about the removal of as many companies as
possible from XEP-0301.

All references to Google and Cisco have already been 100% removed in the
current 0.7.
Here are my proposed changes for remaining de-tuning of the mentions.

*** Section 1 Introduction
"The [Real-Time IM] [3] feature found in AOL Instant Message"
"[Gallaudet University] [3] developed a "Real-Time IM" feature for a
proprietary instant messenger."
(Replacement link is http://tap.gallaudet.edu/text/aol/ ... Alternatively,
I can avoid including a link, so there is no AOL mention)

*** Section 1 Introduction
"A component within Total Conversation, used by Reach112 [4] in Europe, an
accessible emergency service with real-time text."
"A component within Total Conversation, an European Union government funded
consortium (Reach112) for an accessible emergency service with real-time
(Reach 112, although a consortium, is in a major part, government funded)


>From this, I believe that all commercial names will have been removed from
XEP-0301 to the best of my knowledge.
Any comments?

Mark Rejhon
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