[Standards] Comments on XEP-45 1.25rc12

Florian Zeitz florob at babelmonkeys.de
Wed Feb 1 00:57:22 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

someone just pointed out to me that the current revision of XEP-45
prescribes JIDs to modify the moderator list. This seemed quite strange
to me, and after examining 1.25rc12 it seems this was fixed in example
148 in section 9.8. However, the accompanying text was not adapted. I
hope/think that is an oversight that should be fixed.

I think it should read:
«In order to do so, the admin MUST send the changed items (i.e., only
the "delta") back to the service; each item MUST include the 'nick'
attribute and 'role' attribute (set to a value of "moderator" to grant
moderator status or "participant" to revoke moderator status) but SHOULD
NOT include the 'jid' attribute and MUST NOT include the 'affiliation'
attribute (which is used to manage affiliations such as admin rather
than the moderator role):»

Also in 15.5.3
      label='Roles that May Send Private Messages'/>
      label='Whether to Allow Occupants to Invite Others'/>
seem to have the labels switched around. Additionally I think
muc#roomconfig_allowpm should be a list-multi.

Florian "Florob" Zeitz

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