[Standards] Status of XEP 0075

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Feb 13 22:54:22 UTC 2012

This reminds me - I had a chat with Evan on this, and he was enthusiastic about resurrecting the concept.
(Not at my desk)

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

>On 1/9/12 4:32 PM, Markus Kohlhase wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to discuss the status of XEP 0075 with you.
>> My motivation to use it is to write an XMPP based application. It's a
>> distributed system with a web client for managing some entities.
>> There are several ways to communicate with application servers, e.g.
>> - XEP 0009: Jabber RPC
>> - XEP 0050: Ad-Hoc Commandd
>> - XEP 0072: SOAP Over XMPP
>> But there are some drawbacks.
>> Jabber RPC/XML-RPC is an old and great protocol. But if you want to
>> manage a lot of entities with its properties it's sometimes
>> complicated to map the methods to the entities.
>> Ad-Hoc Commands are designed for human interaction and support only
>> simple data structures (XEP-0004). Of course you can use XEP 0244 but
>> it's still not really suited for machine to machine interaction.
>> SOAP is a modern way to interact between multiple systems but for my
>> case its too bloated for my needs.
>> In my opinion JOAP is a great protocol for handling a bunch of objects.
>> My questions:
>> - Are there any other similar protocols?
>Perhaps IO Data:
>> - Is it worth to work on that protocol?
>Maybe. :) It's very old and might not reflect up-to-date thinking about
>interactions between entities.
>> - What do you think should be improved?
>I haven't looked at JOAP in 9 years, so I'm not sure what I'd change.
>XEP-0244 is the most recent attempt to work on something similar.
>XEP-0072 is indeed bloated, but you get all that SOAP stuff for free in
>various libraries, so it might be worth a closer look.
>Peter Saint-Andre

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