[Standards] XEP-0301 -- starting and stopping real-time text in a chat session.

Kurt Zeilenga kurt.zeilenga at isode.com
Sun Jul 1 06:22:35 UTC 2012

On Jun 30, 2012, at 3:10 PM, Mark Rejhon wrote:

> Also, I've now modified Section 5 to leave the door open to alternative sender signalling of a desire to turn on RTT, even when there's no disco response.  This will also allow RTT to proceed in extenuating circumstances, regardless of disco.

I note that the discovery stuff needs some work.  Aside from the issues already raised with disco stuff, I noticed that that XEP 301 doesn't talk about use of Entity Capabilities.  It likely should have text similar to XEP-0085.

In order for an application to determine whether an entity supports this protocol, where possible it SHOULD use the dynamic, presence-based profile of service discovery defined in Entity Capabilities [4]. However, if an application has not received entity capabilities information from an entity, it SHOULD use explicit service discovery instead.

-- Kurt
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