[Standards] XEP-0016: managing default privacy list with multiple connected resources

Andrew Biggs adb at cisco.com
Sat Jul 7 19:37:01 UTC 2012

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me how a server should 
respond to the following case:

(0) Start with no active connections for foo at acme.com.
(1) A client connects as foo at acme.com/a.
(2) Via foo at acme.com/a, client declines the default privacy list, as in 
example 20 of XEP-0016.
(3) A second client connects, as foo at acme.com/b.
(4) Via foo at acme.com/a, client creates a privacy list, and attempts to 
set it as the default, as in example 18.

Question: should step (4) result in a <conflict/>?

It seems like examples 18 and 22 of the XEP could be extrapolated to 
suggest that this case would also result in a <conflict/>, but I wanted 
to get others' thoughts and see if I might just be missing something.


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