[Standards] Regarding XEP-0166

Todd Herman todd at apx-labs.com
Mon Jul 9 15:03:35 UTC 2012

I am working on updating my C# XMPP library to support  XEP-0176.  Since I don't know too much about the main subject I first read through the STUN and TURN specifications.  I am currently finishing up reading through the ICE specifications now and will be starting on XEP-0176 very soon.

The main point of this message is that I will most likely have many questions related to the XEP in the very near future.  I also noticed that it is draft and wanted to know what I could do to perhaps push the extension to the next step and take it out of draft.

Also, I do have one specific related question.  Both the ICE specification and XEP-0176 mention that candidates are validated by sending STUN binding requests and responses.  The specifications indicate that these responses and requests are sent between the clients (assuming that is what the candidates refer to) rather than to a STUN server.  I wanted to confirm that this is accurate and that this means the clients, which are XMPP clients, would also need to be able to function as STUN servers in order to interpret and respond to the requests.

Todd Herman

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