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Wed Jul 11 13:55:54 UTC 2012

The key people
On 2012-07-11 2:48 AM, "Gunnar Hellström" <gunnar.hellstrom at omnitor.se>
> The flame was too hot, I cannot find the main motivations saying that
disco is flawed. Repeat please.
> The fallback, requiring you to send data in-line to the client and
require an in-line response is not suitable if you just want a capability
interrogation to plan your session.

Gunnar, contact me offline and I will quote them -- or search for all newer
messages that mention the rationale of fallback mechanism that has
precedent in Section 5.1 of XEP-0085 Chat States.  Those messages are the
ones that contain the relevant talk, and the key people would rather me not
repeat the same thing five or six times, and others of us have moved onto
other arguments under the same umbrella, that have different but excellent
rationale (i.e. saving bandwidth).  Can you email me so I can clarify to
you privately.

Mark Rejhon
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