[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0277 (Microblogging over XMPP)

Sergey Dobrov binary at jrudevels.org
Wed May 23 07:28:29 UTC 2012

On 05/23/2012 03:24 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> On 5/22/12 12:40 PM, Sergey Dobrov wrote:
> Well, the need to *change* it from the default to some reasonable value
> implies that the default value is unreasonable. That might depend on
> implementation and deployment (e.g., if someone runs an XMPP interface
> to an existing microblogging service, or a dedicated XMPP-based
> microblogging service, then the defaults might be perfectly reasonable).
> Thus I don't think the SHOULD is necessary here. It could say "verify
> that the max items setting is reasonable for microblogging purposes and
> change if necessary".


> But I certainly might want to receive the last published item whenever I
> log in. This too seems like a setting that a dedicated microblogging
> service would tune in their configuration.

Yes, it reasonable thing but do you think we should think about user
subscription preferences more deeply?

>> The meaning is just to provide easy way to obtain this very important
>> data by just retrieving some magic constant named item. 
> We usually try to avoid magic values. :)

It's a good position and perhaps it's good enough for pubsub nodes but
think about comments nodes:

1) extra node can lead to nodes names conflicts easier (again we need
some magic value to construct new node name)
2) it's harder to clean up: to delete post from blog you will need three
retracts which can't be done atomic.

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