[Standards] XEP-0134: XMPP Design Guidelines

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Mon Sep 17 20:31:53 UTC 2012

While searching for the design guideline that says "don't put big things 
inside a presence stanza, use PEP" I found XEP-0134 and it almost had 
what I was looking for:

> Finally, as explained in XMPP Core, the <presence/> stanza exists to
> broadcast network and communications availability only; for more
> advanced information publishing, use Publish-Subscribe [7].

This is somewhat outdated, you'd use PEP for that. There are several 
other points where this is outdated. How comes nobody ever noticed that 
(Peter has an excuse -- he was expecting feedback)?

My effort may be in vain since google doesn't seem to consider 0134 to 
be important but I'll raise (some of) the issues anyway. Specifically:
2.1: XMPP is Sacred
	well, it's a hard process, but making changes is possible.
	The reference to XEP-0060 ought to be replaced by one to 0163

2.2: how long has groupchat been deprecated? 8 years at least? Doesn't 
strike me as a good example these days.

2.3: jingle/ice might be a better example.

2.4.: oh, this section still calls it "Jabber" :-)

2.5: again, jingle would be a better example.

Generally, i think this document is really 2004! Alot has changed since 
then. XEP-0115 (in it's current revision) certainly impacts the design 
of new extensions, as does PEP. Are things like SI (XEP-0095) still 

*rub* (with fleur de sel)

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