[Standards] Vcard4 implementation in Movim

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Aug 13 17:01:55 UTC 2013

On 8/13/13 8:01 AM, Jaussoin Timothée wrote:
> Hi !
> I see that the XEP-0292 has been deffered but I think that XMPP really
> need a descent and modenr vCard support 

I completely agree, which is why I authored XEP-0292.

IMHO it needs only a few small fixes (the XSLT is incomplete). I will
commit to updating it by the end of August.

> so I will implement the XEP in
> Movim using the PEP specification.

That's great news! Please send any implementation feedback to this list.

> We really need to forget vcard-temp now and go ahead.

+1 :-)

> If you are an XMPP developers I invite you to do the same :)
> I don't think that there's any change to do server-side ? It's just a
> simple PEP node for me. Can you confirm this (or not) ?

For the IQ-based storage, some server-side changes would be needed.
However, as I understand it many server implementations don't use
vcard-temp as the native data storage format anyway (or, if they did,
they could run vcard-temp data through a corrected and complete XSLT to
serve up vCard4 data). Maybe I need to work on this for Prosody... ;-)


Peter Saint-Andre

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