[Standards] [Operators] Future of XMPP Re: The Google issue

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Thu Dec 5 03:03:32 UTC 2013

Am 05.12.2013 03:51, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:

> By no means has evolution ended -- we're still working on lots of
> interesting topics like WebRTC/Jingle, IoT/m2m, DNSSEC, certificate
> transparency, OTR, etc. We're just not doing it the way you want to do
> it (as far as I understand your comments on various lists of late, and
> please correct me if I'm wrong). So I'm suggesting that you work on
> what you want to work on, which doesn't sound like XMPP but instead
> sounds like something new and different. That will leave folks on this
> list free to work on the topics I've listed above (and more), instead
> of rehashing design decisions that were made in 1999. At this point, I
> don't think the current discussion is productive for you or productive
> for the other folks on this list.

Understood, thanks.

Alexander Holler

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