[Standards] Event Logging over XMPP

Yusuke DOI yusuke.doi at toshiba.co.jp
Sun Nov 10 16:26:48 UTC 2013


(2013-11-11 0:43), Peter Waher wrote:

> XML has many features that are very nice: Plugability and versioning
> using namespaces, validation (schema), swearch (xpath) and
> transformations/conversions (xslt).

I don't think it's beneficial to start JSON vs. XMPP discussion here. If 
we want to hand logs to JSON-based systems, this doesn't mean we should 
use JSON as-is. For example, we can still use JSON-ish XML instead. In 
the case, if we use complex namespace and XML-ish versioning, XML-JSON 
binding may become broken.

What I would like to clarify is use cases.

>> 'logging' is a too broad word I think. What framework/logging
>> facilities in your mind?
> I was thinking of network/admin logging, for instance like or based
> on Syslog semantics (also IETF). Could be used to log events of
> interest to system administrators, network architects, etc. Can also
> be used to find problems or learn how IoT networks based on XMPP
> work.

Then, I guess netconf/netmod(YANG) and SNMP will be a first choices. 
FYI, as IoT-related disucussion there are proposal on CoAP-based 
management interface (not adopted by IETF yet).


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