[Standards] Proposal: Event logging over XMPP

Mike Taylor bear at bear.im
Sun Nov 10 21:21:52 UTC 2013

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On 11/10/2013 02:58 PM, Steffen Larsen wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> First of all great work and perfect to bring this up.. I’ve done
> this a while now, but haven’t brought it to a broader audience.
> thumbs up!

indeed, good job and +1 for this

> So here is my first 50 cent on the doc:
> Cool stuff with the tags.. This I can tel you will be valuable for
> many people. I use these kind of tags all the time to piggy back
> stuff, that could be valuable in the context.
> I don’t like the tag “event”. I think it should be <log> tag
> instead, no to confuse anybody. I have made several custom XMPP
> components and client where they have event tag embedded, which
> have a completely different meaning and context.

I also think that "event" is a bit too broad of a term here and would
prefer "log" or even "eventlog"

> Type and Level? I think its too complicated. Only level should be 
> present and with fewer clases.. Debug, Info, Notice… is way too
> much. People tend to misuse and not think when they have a lot of
> choices. :-)

I also think that this may be too many options and would prefer to see
Level limited to a smaller set and have Type removed completely as it
could be implemented as Tags.

I do love that you've chosen to use words instead of numbers to
represent the levels.

Another item I wanted to bring up is can we just remove timezone
worries completely and say "use UTC and only UTC"? IMO it is a best
practice and would avoid the whole TZ issue (yea, yea, I know this one
is going to be a long shot ;)


> -Cheers! /Steffen
> On 10 Nov 2013, at 20:31, Peter Waher <Peter.Waher at clayster.com 
> <mailto:Peter.Waher at clayster.com>> wrote:
>> Hello all
>> First of all: Thank you to everybody providing both input and an 
>> interest. It is clear the need for an extension in this area is 
>> missing and both wanted and needed.
>> So I took the opportunity to write a first proposal based on all
>> your comments and on our past experience as well, on how such an
>> event logging extension could look like (attached). I’ve made
>> sure Syslog events can be mapped onto such event log messages
>> (being a standard and all), but extended it a bit to provide for
>> things lacking in Syslog as well as adapting it to the world of
>> XML where new possibilities exist.
>> The extension is made so that it can be used both by those who
>> only want to send simple text events and by those who want to
>> have a more controlled way of sending data (including data and
>> types). Hopefully this is a good compromise. But as with all
>> compromises, it has the possibility to offend people in both
>> camps…
>> What do you think? If you have any questions, comments or
>> suggestions please don’t hesitate to mail them.
>> Best regards, Peter Waher
>> <xep-0000-EventLog.html>

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