[Standards] Proposal: Event logging over XMPP

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Sun Nov 10 21:50:02 UTC 2013

Hello Steffan.

Thanks again for all input. Some responses below:

>I don't like the tag "event". I think it should be <log> tag instead, no to confuse anybody. I have made several custom XMPP components and client where they have event tag embedded, which have a completely different meaning and context.

You have a point. I was myself thinking about this, since we are also planning a XEP for IoT events, which is something completely different. (I.e. send me an event when temperature is 20 degrees C so I can turn off the heater.) There are also the personal events already available in previous XEPs which is also something different. I've changed the main element to <log> now, as you suggested. I'll send a new version shortly.

> Type and Level? I think its too complicated. Only level should be present and with fewer clases.. Debug, Info, Notice... is way too much. People tend to misuse and not think when they have a lot of choices. :-)

Also I agree here, actually. Personally I thought Information, Warning, Error and some form of Exception would suffice. However, I didn't dare to reduce the set. It is originally from Syslog, and as an IETF standard one of the ideas was to allow Syslog messages to be transported over XMPP without loss of information. And since type (info,warning,error, etc.) was sufficiently important to merit an attribute, I included the entire list.

Best regards,
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