[Standards] Updated: Event logging over XMPP

Steffen Larsen zooldk at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 09:05:23 UTC 2013


I really think we have made some progress on this one. So cool Peter! :-)
Just want to add a small thing: I have some logging like this already on my clients, and when the information is not that important I sometime piggy back the event log into one message stanza.
So what I really would like to do is, to be able to have multiple <log> tags.

So maybe like this:

   <message from='device at clayster.com/device' to='eventlog at clayster.com' type='normal' xml:lang='en'>
	<event xmlns='urn:xmpp:eventlog'
           message='Something happened.'
           timestamp='2013-11-10T15:52:23Z’ />
	<event xmlns='urn:xmpp:eventlog'
           message='Something else happened.'
           timestamp='2013-11-10T15:54:23Z’ />
Is it totally crazy?
Coming back to the naming.. Now here is a log, consisting of multiple events..  
Of course I would only do this If the logged events are not that important and needed to be near real-time. :-)

-Just my 50 cent

On 12 Nov 2013, at 16:30, Peter Waher <Peter.Waher at clayster.com> wrote:

> Hello
> I’ve updated the event logging proposal following the discussion with Dave. I’ve made the message and stackTrace attributes into child elements instead, better suited for multi-line text. I’ve also added some more security considerations and reference to the publish/subscribe pattern.
> I’ve attached the latest versions.
> Best regards.
> Peter Waher
> <eventlogging.html><eventlogging.xml><eventlogging.xsd>

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