[Standards] deprecating in-band registration

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Apr 2 03:01:40 UTC 2014

Several folks have commented on in-band registration (IBR, XEP-0077) 
recently, wondering aloud whether we really want to recommend it for 
things like registering devices in IoT environments.

I agree with the concerns that people have expressed. I suggest that we 
push this line of thinking to its logical conclusion and strongly 
consider deprecating and then obsoleting IBR. Perhaps - perhaps! - IBR 
was appropriate in 1999 when we were trying to encourage people to 
easily try out this new technology called Jabber. Those days are long gone.

If we feel that we'd like to have some kind of method for account 
provisioning over XMPP - and I'm not convinced that we do - then I feel 
that we need to rethink the whole problem, not reuse something that is 
fundamentally flawed.


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