[Standards] XEP 313 error handling

Curtis King cking at mumbo.ca
Thu Dec 4 18:18:29 UTC 2014

> On Dec 4, 2014, at 10:10 AM, Edwin Mons <e at ik.nu> wrote:
> If you send back the iq result first, it will not be delayed further by all the result messages.  Why would there be an error during the message stream that would prevent you from returning an otherwise valid 313 response (or in an extreme case terminating the stream and making the point of properly finishing the messages moot?)
> Most error cases will either happen before or at the moment when you actually start to find messages, e.g. authz issues or database issues.  Once you start sending back messages, or know there aren't any for a particular query, you can always present a valid message stream including a fin with an appropriate rsm set a client can use to continue a query should it choose to.  Note that the XEP allows you to return less items than the amount requested.

The issue is in most cases once you know the query will be successful you have the messages to send. So, we are saving less than a second. Doesn’t seem much of a saving.

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