[Standards] File Hashes in XEP-0234

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 11 11:22:26 UTC 2014


XEP-0234 seems to have used hex encoding for values in older versions [0].
The current version just says to use XEP-0300 for it.
XEP-0300 uses Base64 encoding in the examples.

Neither has the encoding explicitly stated.

XEP-0234's example use the XEP-0300 syntax, however with the values still
encoded in hex.

So this is probably an overlook from the updating of XEP-0234 to use
XEP-0300. What are other urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:4 implementors


[0] http://xmpp.org/extensions/attic/xep-0234-0.13.html#hash
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