[Standards] XMPP or NodeJS ?

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Dec 17 08:37:03 UTC 2014

Further to the other comment, you suggested that implementing your own
system, designed from scratch, would be easier than implementing a system
which adheres to XMPP. This is absolutely correct.

XMPP is not a trivial protocol to implement. It's possible to build
something that will work to some degree much quicker. In fact, if you look
at the very early Jabber systems, they are indeed much simpler; however
you'll also note that problems with the simplistic approach were found and
identified, and while these made the protocol more complex, the result is a
better solution.

So the one clear negative that your friend has shown you is actually the
flip-side of a important positive - if you use XMPP, then many people will
have worked on refining the protocol to cope with a number of cases you'll
likely encounter with time.

In addition, as has already been noted, you don't have to implement XMPP;
there are libraries in virtually every language - often more than one
library in a given language - which will handle most of the complexity for

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