[Standards] OTR

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Wed Dec 17 16:46:18 UTC 2014

On 05-12-14 11:24, Goffi wrote:


> Is there any update on this ? Actually the situation is not really good today: 
> some client encode XML in OTR, other don't, there is no way to advertise OTR 
> support with discovery and there is an OTR specific advertisement way (with 
> whitespace-tagged messages). OTR need to work with non XMPP gateways. It would 
> be really good to standardize all that...

I had some discussion with Ian Goldberg (one of the OTR-guys) on this.
Their initial choice was to do OTR in plain messages (with their
somewhat strange way of discovering support and starting sessions), so
it would be easy to use OTR in a multi-protocol environment. In response
to my comment that it left a lot of information unencrypted he suggested
to start a second OTR protocol in XMPP, one that does proper service
discovery and properly encrypts everything of the stanzas that should be
encrypted. Optionally embedding the plain version within it when you
need to transverse to an other protocol.

Well... I think the first step should be documenting the most common
case, OTR'ing the content of a message in the OTR way....


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