[Standards] Veto on "Privileged Entity"

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Wed Dec 17 23:05:34 UTC 2014

On 17/12/2014 22:20, Simon Tennant wrote:
>     - we (developers of "Salut à Toi", http://www.salut-a-toi.org) an a
>     few other projects (namely Movim http://movim.eu, Jappix
>     http://www.jappix.org) or developers (notabily Sergey Dobrov is
>     working on these issues too) are working on an XMPP based
>     decentralized (micro)blogging platforms. Buddycloud is doing
>     something similar, but seems to stick less on standard XMPP in favor
>     of proprietary extensions (Dave I know you're working on Buddycloud,
>     correct me if I'm wrong)
> Buddycloud's approach is to keep application logic outside the XMPP server.
> Buddycloud runs as a component [and adapts XEP-0060's machine-to-machine
> semantics for "human-to-human"]. If  Not sure what you mean about not
> being "standard xmpp"?

Hi Simon, first I made a mistake and Dave is not working on Buddycloud 
(just using it). I mean by "not being standard XMPP" that you are 
developing your own XEPs independently of what's available in published 
extensions (don't take that as a negative criticism, I have nothing 
against Buddycloud), that means that we can't receive buddycloud 
microblogs (or whatever it is called in buddycloud terminology) with 
XEP-0277 compliant clients. Correct me if I'm wrong


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