[Standards] Multiple resource binding

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Tue Jul 1 15:34:10 UTC 2014


A short question, hopefully somebody knows: Does XMPP, according to RFC 6120, allow for multiple resource names to be used (or multiple resource binding to be made) over the same connection? Or does every resource need a proper connection? Or can I simply invent my resource names as I go along (as long as I send presence), and if I don't specify a resource name in a message, the "default resource name", i.e. the bound one, is implicitly used?

I noticed XEP-0193 (now obsoleted) discusses this, and it says the recommendations were not introduced in RFC 6120. Does this mean this is not possible, or does it mean it is done differently? Searched RFC 6120, but didn't find anything about multiple resources.

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