[Standards] XEP-0045 to Final?

Christian Schudt christian.schudt at gmx.de
Wed Mar 5 10:16:34 UTC 2014


could you elaborate on this proposal a little bit, please?

The room creator/owner publishes a node to a pubsub service, which contains all room members and each invitee subscribes to this node (which is equal to the room JID?)?

What about the case, when a member invites further members? He would have to modify to original node. I imagine that would be cumbersome to develop, when you have to sync MUC affiliations and PubSub affiliations (on top of the already complex pubsub management).

It would be so much easier to just allow 7.11 Getting the Memberlist also for the Entity Use Cases, so that an entity could just query a room for it's members (without having joined the room):

<iq from='crone1 at shakespeare.lit/desktop'
    to='coven at chat.shakespeare.lit'
  <query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#admin'>
    <item affiliation='member'/>

Maybe return a stanza error, if the requester is no member of the room.


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On 01-03-14 18:04, Christian Schudt wrote:


> I recently was confronted with the following requirement: Create a
> (non-public members-only) room, grant membership to X contacts and
> send an invitation to these X contacts.
> Then after receiving the invitation, but BEFORE joining the room, the
> invitee should discover the members in the room and decide (based on
> this information) if he wants to join the room or if he should
> decline the invitation.

You may consider to use pubsub in cases like these.


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