[Standards] Comments on the Push XEP

Abmar Barros abmargb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 16:59:09 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Following up on the message by Lance asking for comments on
I've come up with a couple of suggestions/questions.

* I still think it's valid to allow a component to proxy more than one
proprietary push service. Although the XEP says "XMPP servers MUST NOT be
limited by the protocol to support push notifications for only a single
client app or proprietary push service", I couldn't figure out how to do
this in this XEP. My thinking is that the component could be configured
with a default push service, which would fit the scenario where a
single proprietary push service is proxied, and then, in the register
stanza, we could have something like:

<field var="push-type"><value>gcm|email|...</value></field>

In this sense, we would also need to query for the available push services.

* Sometimes we need specific information from the proprietary push service
in order to subscribe to their notifications. For instance, in order to
register on a GCM project, we need the GCM project id in the client side.
In the buddycloud pusher, we achieve that by sending a
http://buddycloud.com/pusher/notification-metadata stanza to the pusher.
This stanza returns information on a specific push type which is required
for the client to subscribe to its notifications. I think we need something
similar to that in this XEP.

BTW, the XEP is coming out great. Thanks to everyone involved. I'm looking
forward to making the buddycloud pusher compliant to this.


Abmar Barros
MSc in Computer Science from the Federal University of Campina Grande -
OurGrid Team Leader - www.ourgrid.org
Buddycloud Dev - www.buddycloud.org
Paraíba - Brazil
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