[Standards] XEP-0322 Last Call comment summary

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Nov 12 15:55:53 UTC 2014

This is a summary of Last Call comments concerning XEP-0322, and is a 
method of attempting to (re)stimulate discussion in order to get the XEP 
moved from Experimental. It does not constitute a formal action of 
Council, Board, or the XSF as a whole, nor set any kind of precedent - 
it results from a discussion about how to get things moving and Dave 
Cridland asked me to do it.

1) Summary of Council positions: "All present -1 due to outstanding LC 
This indicates that the Council felt that comments made during Last Call 
have had no response or resolution. Therefore the XEP remains in 
Proposed and does not advance to Draft at this time. The details are in 
XEP-0001, §7 and §8 for those wanting further information.

Note that the XEP has *not* moved to Rejected; that would require a 
separate vote by Council.

2) The revision of the XEP in question is 0.4

3) Last Call comments included (but are not limited to):
a) terminology and editorial issues
b) EXI usage feedback
c) usage of a custom framing mechanism instead of RFC 7395 mechanism
d) usage of MD5 for hashing schemas. MD5 is no longer considered
   appropriate for that.
e) security concerns about uploading schemas prior to authentication
f) alignment of the stream feature negotiation process
g) negotiation of external connect ports
h) exi-only connections without negotiation
j) an open issue about UPA in RFC 6120 which needs to be discussed at 

There are eight respondents (plus a comment by one of the authors) in 
the Last Call, and there are no replies by the authors.


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