[Standards] XMPP Myths

Matthieu Rakotojaona matthieu.rakotojaona at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 18:53:23 UTC 2015


Myth two says:

> While you can still connect a client that supports no extensions at
> all to a server and have it work, nearly every client supports a wide
> range of extensions suited to its purpose, and every server supports
> several. 

I agree that there is some confusion here: everybody knows that the Core
RFCs are not the only specifications implemented by any server or
client, but

- it is sometimes difficult to know what XEPs are implemented by a
  client or a server
- as someone who wants to use XMPP but don't hold it as the core of my
  application, I may not know what XEPs I need to implement

As a real rebuttal to the myth, is there a list of what XEPs are
considered "normal" for a modern use, and what's the status of current
libraries/clients/servers ?
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