[Standards] XEP-0313 MAM implementation for MUC

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Thu Aug 13 17:08:02 UTC 2015

On 31 Jul 2015, at 16:49, Mickaël Rémond <mremond at process-one.net> wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Mickaël,

> While iterating on our MAM for MUC server-side implementation, we reached an issue on the following part of the XEP.
> 	• from in MUC archive:
> "When sending out the archives to a requesting client, the 'to' of the forwarded stanza MUST be empty, and the 'from' MUST be the occupant JID of the sender of the archived message.
> The original issue is that you cannot display the remote history as you would do with local history because:
> - On local history, you will have nickname, we are missing it here.

I commented on the PR you sent to GitHub here - I’m afraid you might have misread ‘occupant JID’ in XEP-0045. It’s the full JID including the nickname - so when retrieving data from a MUC MAM archive you do have the nickname as part of the occupant JID, and you also have the real JID (if you should be able to see it).


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