[Standards] 2015-12-09 Meeting Minutes

Peter Waher peterwaher at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 10 10:50:16 UTC 2015

Hello all.
Regarding the QoS proposal, I've answered any comments and concerns that I have received. I have not received anything from Lance or Tobias yet. If you have anything not already discussed in previous mails, please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them.
Regarding Peter's comments about reliable messaging being hard: It depends on solution. The pattern provided by reliable messaging, and proposed in the protoXEP is actually quite straight forward and simple enough to implement even in small resource-constrained devices.
And the comment of MQTT not being federated is also a very important point: XMPP has something very valuable, in that it is federated, which allows it to create gobally scalable interconnected infrastructures.
I hope you reconsider, given my responses, and approve of the proposal going to experimental stage.
Best regards,
Peter Waher
> ## ProtoXEP Quality of Service: Accept as Experimental
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/qos.html
>   - -1 Dave
>   - -1 MattJ
>   - -1 Lance
>   - Tobias on list
>   - PSA notes that ensuring exactly once delivery is hard
>   - MattJ notes that MQTT does it, but is not federated
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