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Thankfully not *entirely* relevant here, but well worth a read nonetheless
for various well-made points.

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Subject: I-D "Unwritten Rules and Values of the IETF" (Mentoring)
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Hello all,

I have just posted an I-D "Unwritten Rules and Values of the IETF".


I feel that having something like this will be of quite a bit of help to
new people at the IETF, in particular, the mentees in the IETF mentoring

We would very much like to start the discussion and get consensus, if

In the interests of not clogging up the IETF main list, if you would like
to discuss, please register and comment on the mentoring email list.  Love
to have your thoughts!

This is the list for mentoring discussions:

The abstract of this I-D is below:


The intent of this document is to speed up the process by which someone new
to the IETF, can understand the objectives, fathom the environment,
comprehend the culture, learn to navigate the problems, overcome the
obstacles, and become a more productive IETF participant, in a shorter
amount of time. Further, this document is intended to pass along the
learning and experiences of people who have absorbed these values, perhaps
in a much longer amount of time and with much greater effort and even


Nalini Elkins
IETF Mentoring Program

Inside Products, Inc.
(831) 659-8360
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