[Standards] NEW: XEP-0367 (Message Attaching)

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Sun Dec 20 17:30:41 UTC 2015

On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Kim Alvefur <zash at zash.se> wrote:
> For this specific use case, have you considered using XEP-0308, message
> correction?  Yes, I know it is slightly semantically different and needs
> server-side support or extra privileges to appear as if the user sent it.

We actually talked about it (and will most likely be implementing
message correction at some point), but we didn't want to use it for
this use case for exactly the reason you outlined: The second message
shouldn't appear as if it was sent from the original user (the server
should never allow another users message to be edited, otherwise you
could have an extension or something impersonate another user and make
it look like they said something they didn't in history).

> Using In-Reply-To with XEP-0131 comes to mind as well.

I didn't actually know about In-Reply-To, but I think that the
semantics are a bit different here as well. We also chose not to use
<thread/>'s for this reason. This is in-reply-to the original message,
but not everything that's in reply to another message should be
displayed along side it (whatever that means in your client; in our
case it means a separate message underneath the original, but it might
also mean a sidebar that gets expanded when a given message is
selected or something; the actual display is up to the clients).


Sam Whited
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