[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: OMEMO Encryption

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Wed Dec 23 19:33:33 UTC 2015

On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 1:18 PM, Andreas Straub <andy at strb.org> wrote:
> The scenario of interest is establishing a new session. Let's say Alice
> wants to talk to Bob. Alice can discover whether Bob supports v3 by
> checking whether a signedPreKeyPublic and corresponding
> signedPreKeyPublicSignature are present in Bob's published preKeyBundle
> as these items were added in v3 (We might also explicitly announce v3
> support in the XML here, I don't really feel strongly about this either
> way, although I don't think it's necessary).

I'd argue that explicit is always better than implicit, and that in
this case it should be a requirement that we announce support
explicitly so that when v4 comes out and it's also optional client
implementations don't have to check "does it have signred pre-keys,
and does it have random-thing-thatv4 supports as well (if there's any
way to distinguish it at all)", we can just check the latest
advertised version in one place.


Sam Whited
pub 4096R/54083AE104EA7AD3

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