[Standards] What about several XMPP logos to indicate features ?

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Sat Dec 26 11:41:13 UTC 2015


I was not sure if standards@ is the right place to talk about this, so 
tell me if I should move the topic elsewhere.

Today as you all know, XMPP is used for many things, far beyond instant 
messaging alone. I think explaining all the low level protocol things is 
not interesting for the non technical end user, but XMPP can be used to 
show compatibility between software (especially the logo).

So here is my point: it would make sense to have several variants of the 
XMPP logo, to indicate which features a software can do, the same way as 
creative commons logo show instantly what the license allows (see 

I would see a logo for instant messaging, one for file transfer, one for 
PubSub, etc. This way a user can know if a software do what he wants, if 
it will be compatible with this other software its friend is using, etc.

What do you think about it ?


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