[Standards] XEP-0322: EXI for constrained processing environments

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Hello Dave.


> On 30 June 2015 at 18:40, Peter Waher < <mailto:Peter.Waher at clayster.com> Peter.Waher at clayster.com> wrote:

>Thanks for your input. For small devices, that do not wish to (or cannot)
>perform a dynamic handshake, there's the concept of quick configurations
>(§2.6). With a quick configuration ID, the entire setup is predefined. It
>can be defined, either in-band using a normal handshake, as described
>earlier, perhaps by a more powerful device, or out-of-band, by manual
>configuration of the server.


>There is no §2.6 - did you mean §2.2.6?


Correct. Thanks for spotting.


> Also this negotiation of quick configuration happens in XML prior to the EXI "switch" doesn't it?


The document specifies one way to generate this quick configuration, in-band. It does not limit the ways such quick-configurations are handled by the server. It is understood that these quick configurations are managed by the server, and hence can be administrated on the server (without explicitly stating so). We have discussed this internally, that it can be used to preinstall configurations on the server. But, since it is out-of-band and server-specific, we didn’t include this in the XEP.


Note that we included a configurationLocation attribute (§3.11) to be able to automate preconfiguration of what schemas to include, where the devices are not capable of performing an XML handshake and configuration negotiation. But since these preconfiguration files/schemas might depend on EXI library being used, we’ve stated that it is server-specific.


> Rick's problem is that he wants to have no XML processing.


These preconfigurations can be accessed by the alternate binding also. (§2.4, step 13, and §3.11).


> On that basis, I'm thinking a distinct port is the most sensible, which would mean a different SRV name. It may be possible to combine these ports into a single autodetecting port, but I'd rather leave that experiment outside a spec for now.


The document defines a DNS SRV record for the alternative EXI binding in §2.4.1.


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