[Standards] XEP-0234 Jingle File Transfer 0.16

Peter Saint-Andre - &yet peter at andyet.net
Mon Jul 13 23:25:08 UTC 2015

On 7/13/15 5:12 PM, Emmanuel Gil Peyrot wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 10:41:28PM +0200, Yann Leboulanger wrote:
>> But the way things are done is a bit strange. The feature was available and
>> working.
>> Removing a few lines in a XEP makes features no more available and another
>> depending XEP no more implementable and we now need to create another XEP to
>> workaround that.
> XEP-0234 is an Experimental XEP, and as such was likely to get some
> breaking changes before its promotion to the next state.  To quote
> XEP-0001, §9.1, “Note: An Experimental specification is a work in
> progress and may undergo significant modification before advancing to a
> status of Draft.”
> I do welcome that change, as it makes the XEP a lot simpler to
> implement fully, and putting the removed features in some other XEP
> doesn’t remove any usability from the clients which do implement it.

Actually I think the changes could have been handled much better in this 
instance, i.e., via more list discussion. That's my fault.

I agree about the ultimate goal of simplicity, but that doesn't excuse 
the lack of communication.


Peter Saint-Andre

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