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Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Mon Jul 27 12:48:56 UTC 2015


sorry for not responding properly in Thread (Gmail denies me proper Thread
view). So take this as a response to all of you.

I think P2P file transfer (as defined with Jingle FT) and file upload to a
server (HTTP File Upload) can and should coexist. HTTP file transfer is
meant primarily for smaller files like images or short audio / voice
recordings in a strict Whatsapp-like IM context where people have multiple
connected clients at once and also are interested in having access to a
history. P2P file transfer on the other hand can scale up to large files
that I only need once. (Buddy wants to send me a Full HD movie before he
comes over for movie night. I probably are only going to need to download
this file once and only at one of my devices. And I'm certainly not
interested in having this in my history.)

As for what P2P file transfer mechanisms to choose I'm all with Sam and
would vote for Jingle FT.
Jingle FT - being based on Jingle - has the advantage of being able to plug
in different modes of transport.
There are IBB, Socks and WebRTC Datachannels (XEP-0343) (which Sam missed
in his list). Two of those transport mechanisms address Georges concerns
with encryption.


2015-07-27 14:25 GMT+02:00 Kim Alvefur <zash at zash.se>:

> mån jul 27 00:33:40 2015 GMT+0200 skrev Sam Whited:
> > Thoughts?
> Sounds good.
> --
> Zash
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