[Standards] Implementation for XEP-0332: HTTP over XMPP transport

Thibaut Le Guilly thibaut at cs.aau.dk
Tue Jun 16 10:54:44 UTC 2015

Thank you very much for the feedback. I had not found this library when 
I started looking into this. I will certainly have a look at the HOXT 
API and update the Smack library!

Best regards,


On 16/06/2015 12:47, Florian Schmaus wrote:
> On 16.06.2015 12:35, Thibaut Le Guilly wrote:
>> 3. Do you plan to implement this specification in your code? If not, why
>> not?
>> We have implemented a basic library providing HTTP over XMPP, available at:
>> https://github.com/Tibo-lg/HTTPoverXMPP
>> We would be interested in feedbacks and being kept up to date with this
>> standard. Note that this library does not implement the full
>> specifications, only a subset for now.
> You are using a *very* old Smack version from 2009, which has known
> security vulnerabilities. Newer Smack versions also come with a full
> featured "HTTP over XMPP" (HOXT) API. I recommend that you update ASAP.
> You should also consider using Smack's HOXT API, if it suits your needs,
> instead of re-inventing the wheel.
> - Florian

Thibaut Le Guilly
Ph.D. student at Aalborg University
Department of Computer Science

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