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actually works pretty well. I know there's potential theoretical holes, but i suspect those are more plugged than not with 198 and MAM.
> So, the quality standard we are aiming for is pretty well, with the holes plugged by other XEPs :-) 

Perfect being the enemy of pretty well, to paraphrase von Clausewitz.

In this case, pretty well means that for a user, the edge cases don't appear to get hit. Maybe I'm not experiencing them, though.


[Steve Kille] 


So, we recognize that Carbons has “holes”.   It would seem useful to list the holes, and see if they can:

1.         Be (sensibly) addressed in Carbons ; or

2.       Be explicitly considered to be not worth addressing; or

3.       Better addressed another way

Do we have a list of the “holes”?   If not,  I think this is worth compiling.





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