[Standards] Advancing Carbons [WAS: {Core|Advanced} {Client|Server} 2015]

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Thu Jun 18 13:52:37 UTC 2015

On 18 Jun 2015, at 14:47, Sam Whited <sam at samwhited.com> wrote:
> To keep the other thread on topic, I've split this off. I'd love to
> formally put the advancement of carbons on the agenda. Thoughts from
> the community/council?

My thoughts are that one of two things needs to happen. Either Carbons needs to be updated to ‘play nicely’ with MAM (the general preference of the Summit this year) or a new MAMSub spec needs to be written to replace Carbons where MAM is in use (the general preference of a few people not at the summit, and a couple who were, I think).

It seems premature to advance Carbons until we have a clear path forward on this.


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