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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jun 18 15:45:15 UTC 2015

On 18 Jun 2015 15:40, "Curtis King" <cking at mumbo.ca> wrote:
>> On Jun 18, 2015, at 7:25 AM, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
>> There's consensus, I would argue, given that it's extremely well
supported in servers, desktop and mobile clients. In fact, finding servers
that didn't support it a year ago is hard.
> Two servers and maybe 5 clients does not make for well supported in my

Which two were you thinking of?

Ejabberd has supported it for two years, Openfire for 18 months or so on
trunk, prosody for ages. I don't know about the others, but those three
account for a very high percentage of deployed domains, once one excludes
Google, who don't implement anything anyway.

> But, how well an extension is supported doesn’t give it special rights to
skip the standardization process.

Supported isn't the same as deployed, and I'm not arguing high deployment
skips the standards process. However, it does offer evidence that it works,
and is desirable, and high deployment does suggest high consensus.

Arguing against it on the basis that an unwritten perfect protocol would be
better is a much weaker argument.

> ck
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