[Standards] "I've read up to here" stanza?

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Oct 12 11:32:04 UTC 2015

On 27 Aug 2015, at 09:26, Simon Tennant <simon at buddycloud.com> wrote:
> In yesterday's Buddycloud dev call we were talking about syncing read-states in a multi-client scenario. 
> Problem:
> Sync the "I've read up to here" state between multiple devices. Imagine the scenario where you have been chatting on your phone, come home and pick up your Tablet: it should scrolling to the correct part of a chat.
> See where participantX has read up to in a chat, buddycloud-channel or ephemeral channel.
> Hangouts and WhatsApp have a similar mechanism where the avatar pictures move down the chat window to show where your participant has read up to. It would be nice to include this. 
> dwd pointed out that this might not scale well to rooms with very large participants counts. I still believe there's value in 1 to 1 chats and showing participants' state for smaller channels.
> It would be nice to have a generic IQ that can be sent back to either the 
> XMPP server or pub-sub component to indicate the "I've read up to here" state: 
> Clients would optimise how often they send this state.
> The server could stop sending "participantX has read up to messageID/timestamp" when a group is greater than a certain number of participants.
> Georg started mentioning this https://www.mail-archive.com/standards@xmpp.org/msg14067.html <https://www.mail-archive.com/standards@xmpp.org/msg14067.html> (see: MARK AS READ)
> Is anyone else thinking about this or have any stanzas to share? 

We had a chat about this at the Summit on Friday, for the ‘what have *I* read’ case (I suspect extending it for what-has-everyone-read is straightforward). Expect a protoXEP when I have spare cycles.


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