[Standards] Presences of Contacts in Search Result

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Oct 16 19:07:32 UTC 2015

On 16 October 2015 at 18:14, Phuong Vo <phngt2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am currently developing jabber client (vs Cisco Jabber server) and
> facing a difficulty of getting presences of contacts (internal contacts,
> not federated contacts) in search result if those contacts are not in my
> contact list (not in roster). In term of XMPP protocol, could you please
> help me how to achieve this feature? Any idea, direction are appreciated.
You can't, by design, in standard XMPP.

The roster is not only a contact list, but also an access control list of
which other jids are allowed to see your presence; so to see people's
presence you'd need to add them to your roster. You do this by subscribing
to their presence via a <presence type='subscribe'/> stanza.

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