[Standards] XEP-0363 (HTTP File Upload) - Removal option

Fabian Beutel fabian.beutel at gmx.de
Sat Sep 19 19:03:27 UTC 2015


I noticed the new HTTP file upload proposal XEP-0363 and I think it
would be a great addition to the XMPP protocol.

However, there is one thing that (if I didn't miss anything) is not yet
covered in the draft: deleting files when they are not needed anymore.

I think the server should (maybe optionally) also provide a DELETE field
for the client so that a well-behaved client can delete the resource
after it is not needed anymore.

In the example of using the XEP for a means to transfer files while the
recipient(s) is/are offline, the client could delete the resource as
soon as all recipients have downloaded it.

I know that the standard mentions user quotas (and the Conversations
implementation allows the configuration of such quotas), but this gives
the user (client) the option to free some space if a quota limit has
been reached.

Best regards,

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