[Standards] [XEP-0375] Unclear Wording (Was: MIX should not be in 2016 compliance list)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Aug 10 17:21:31 UTC 2016


* Goffi <goffi at goffi.org> [2016-08-10 17:08]:
> After having a look at XEP-0375 (XMPP Compliance Suites 2016) I realized that 
> MIX is named in recommandations. While it's most probably the future of group 
> chat and it's going in the right way IMO, it should definitely not be in 2016 
> compliance list, regarding its current state.

+1 to that, though I'm writing this mail to point out another deficiency
in XEP-0375: the wording of the XEP does not make it clear if the listed
"Providers" XEPs are alternatives to each other or mandatory.

The introduction states that "Unless explicitly noted, support for the
listed specifications is REQUIRED for compliance purposes."

Individual sections write "To be considered [...] compliant, all line
items from the core compliance suite above must be met, as well as all
items in this suite."

However, the tables themselves contain columns titled "Feature" and
"Providers", and the Providers column contains multiple entries for some
features. Therefore the question arises if all "Providers" in a given
line must be implemented, or if it is sufficient to implement only one
of them.

The "Web Connection Mechanisms" "Providers" column lists "XMPP-WebSocket,
BOSH and BOSH-XMPP", but it is not clear if it's XMPP-WebSocket AND BOSH

Other multi-provider entries in other tables don't even contain an "and".

From a practical perspective, it doesn't make sense to implement MAM
without Carbons for "Outbound Message Synchronization", but one could
argue that "Group Chat" is fulfilled by MIX only, without providing MUC.

I'd like to see an improved vocabulary in the XEP - what are "items",
"line items", "providers" and "features" - do we really need these
terms? And I'd also like a clear statement if the listed XEPs are
alternative or mandatory.

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