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[Steve Kille] 
> A couple of procedural comments:
>  - This has been submitted by a new author, rather than either of the existing ones. In conversation with Ash Ward, we wondered
> whether this needs comments from the existing authors (PSA and Kev) before processing.
[Steve Kille] 

As the plan that I would work on editing MIX was discussed in Brussels (I sent round the plan of action) and I have been working closely with Kev, this does not seem necessary.

>  - It also occurs to me that it probably needs an IPR sign-off.
[Steve Kille] 

I can't see any core issues

>  - Furthermore, I note that the PR now has another PR against it pulled into it - this means there are multiple authors involved, and
> IPR signoff from both may be required. I'm not sure I like this way of working (read: I'm totally sure I don't).
[Steve Kille] 

Link Mauve submitted a very sensible PR with a number of changes (substantially editorial).  I accepted them, as it seemed desirable to get the changes in.   In retrospect, this was not a smart move on my part, because (as you note) we need IPR clarity (although I am confident we do not have an issue).   Kev, Link Mauve, the editorial team and I will sort this out.

> Technical comments:
> I'm making these comments now rather than waiting publication because I'm about to disappear on holiday - I would prefer the XEP
> be updated as-is and without addressing any of my comments, since reviewing a moving target is difficult. That is, I'd much rather we
> updated
> XEP-0369 now, and discussed these comments later.
[Steve Kille] 

We will not hold the XEP update for these comments.  I've learned my lesson!!

I will plan to update MIX based on these comments next week, when I get back from having fun with HF in Sweden this week.

As noted, my aim is to turn things round quickly so we can get wide community involvement in this spec.

Dave - thanks for the comments and have a good holiday

Best Regards


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