[Standards] XEP-0060: Pubsub - Questions and proposals

Jaussoin Timothée edhelas at movim.eu
Thu Dec 15 07:51:35 UTC 2016


I'm currently doing a more complete implementation of Pubsub in Movim 
(affiliations and access-models management) and I have a couple of 

5.4 Discover Node Metadata : I'd like to know if it's also possible to 
expose pubsub#access_model here. I'd like to display in the UI of Movim 
this information ("This node is private", "This node is open to 
everyone"…). Will it bring security problems?

6.5.7 Requesting the Most Recent Items : "When max_items is used, 
implementations SHOULD return the N most recent (as opposed to the N 
oldest) items."
Here I'd like to know if the items are ordered by their creation date or 
their last update date.
This difference is important to me because I'd like to know if I can 
rely on this order to display the posts of Movim (which are logically 
ordered by their creation date for now). If a user is making a small 
edit months after the publication it will move the post in front of all 
the others. This question could also apply to XEP-0059: Result Set 


Timothée Jaussoin

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