[Standards] 33C3 talk on Signal and current XMPP issue in providing a similar UX

W. Martin Borgert debacle at debian.org
Fri Dec 30 02:33:07 UTC 2016

On 2016-12-29 23:32, Tobias Markmann wrote:
> After
> registration, they need to easily/secure/privacy-enforcing fill up their
> roster with contacts based on known contact information like phone number
> or e-mail address.

I suggest to popularise the idea of identical email and XMPP
address. While this is, of course, optional, it makes contact
matching even more easy than with phone numbers.

As long as 98.7% of the planets email population happen to use
the same provider and this very provider dropped XMPP support,
it is, unfortunately, difficult to achieve.

Btw: You can reach me as {mailto,xmpp}:debacle at debian.org :~)

Btw': Thanks for your notes, Tobias!

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